my name is lulu. i love to cook. i love to share my cooking with friends and family and as a working girl, i know how important it is to save money. one of the easiest methods of doing that is by bringing lunch to work. but after week three it seems you are eating another sandwich that doesn't quite taste as good as the one you bought at the deli a few weeks back. and you being to think "that 8 bucks was worth it". well, it wasn't. hopefully, this blog will inspire you to create some new and exciting lunches, that will keep your wallet - and your palate happy. lulu.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer time, and I crave fall?

It must be the grass is always greener syndrome, but I have had a hankering from Rosemary for the past 24 hours. Rosemary immediately makes me think of Vermont and winter. Rosemary roasted chicken and potatoes and veggies. So, being that I have been praying for sunny and 70 degrees, I figure it's time to make something with rosemary!! My checks are burning from the afternoon sun while watching our three year old poodle mix run circles around an out of breath bulldog. So, instead of the sting of the winter air, this will do.

My girlfriend and I equally love potatoes. Really served and prepared anyway. Potatoes are amazing. My mother did not like to make potatoes often when my sister and I were growing up. Since she came from a large family (oldest of 7) with little space and funds, don't you know it, they had potatoes A LOT. So, she was always reluctant to make them for us. So, of course, mashed potatoes felt like a treat in the cafeteria at school (although they were instant), they were still delicious and a luxury, ironically.

So, yesterday as we cruised the aisles of C-Town on Smith Street in Brooklyn, we decided to get a bag of beautiful mixed potatoes, blue, red and white (how patriotic). While walking the dogs this afternoon, we popped into our very over-priced local gourmet grocery. The one thing that is cheap there is the HERBS AND SPICES. So, i grabbed rosemary and thyme, not knowing what I was going to make.

As the clock hit 7 i decided to start the process. Pre-heat the oven to 400. Take about a pound of those potatoes and cut them in half. Put an 1/8 of a cup of good olive oil, 2 tablespoons of the rosemary (chopped) and 3/4 of a tablespoon of salt and half a tablespoon of pepper all in a bowl a mixing bowl with the potatoes. Use your hands to coat the potatoes with the mixture. Then spread them out in 1 layer on a sheet pan and stick them in the oven. Every 20 minutes turn the potatoes so they get toasty and crispy evenly. in 1 hour take them out! you will see a beautiful brown crisp on them and they taste AMAZING.

I caution you, potatoes are like little lava pockets. So, let them cool off for a minute or two and then indulge.

Makes a great side or a main course for your vegetarian partner.

Enjoy and let me know if you guys like this recipe. More to come, i promise. My days of neglecting the blog are over, over I tell you!